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The average market price is calculated monthly comparing 12 month fixed offers from the top 5 marketing competitors. Date provided by NextEra Energy Ohio, LLC. Taxes excluded.

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​NOPEC works to provide our customers with several offerings – giving them plenty of choices based on their preferences. Our standard offer is always 6% off the utility’s price to compare for residential customers and 4% off for small commercial. We also offer fixed pricing and a new green product. Our electric supplier is FirstEnergy Solutions.

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myNOPEC is an exclusive online site for NOPEC customers. Members have access to expert advice on energy conservation, can purchase energy saving products at a discount, and compete for valuable prizes, too.

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Residential account would include free standing home, apartment, townhouse, etc. There is no limit on natural gas usage for residential customer.

Small commercial account is an account that uses under 500 MCF per year.

NOPEC has two gas offerings for our customers: Variable and Fixed. Our monthly variable price offer is always 2 cents per MCF under the Dominion East Ohio Gas rate and the Columbia Gas of Ohio standard choice offer (SCO). We also offer a fixed price set 60 days or more in advance, based on the current market price1

Review your bill for gas cost 00.0 MCF (CCF for Columbia) @ $00.00 will be where you find your current rate.

Dominion Sample Bill
Columbia Sample Bill

Review your bill for gas cost 00.0 MCF for usage ( ccf for Columbia)

Dominion Sample Bill
Columbia Sample Bill